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29 years old and started about 3 months ago. Was terrified of the instrument until about a month and a half ago cause of the screeches and I am living in an apartment building haha !! Id be pretty sweaty agter playing the thing . Now I can avoid most screeches, scratches and keep my shirt dry :-). I learned guitar in high school and this has resulted in a very similar pattern. Little to no progress for the first couple months and then major break through in all areas. Of course violin is much Kore difficult and this is mostly because if the bow. Anyways it seems for me the first bit with any instrument is quite tough and then when I finally get a boost and then I have my confidence. Practice mute usually sits in the case now ;-). So dont give up in those first few months and practice lots and you will be rewarded :-). Some songs I play regularly now are:

Greensleeves ( what child is this)
Schindlers list theme
Harry Potter theme
Star wars theme
Jurassic Park theme
Bonnie Tammie Scolla
Patrick’s Reel
Drunken sailor (my first song)
Gladiator theme
Hot Cross Buns ( my 7 year old daughter loves this song haha)