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Also get the Real Books. There’s a lot of repertoire in them and I believe you can find them online for free (I did). There’s also an app you can get on your phone called iRealPro which gives you chords and backing tracks where you can select the groove that you want.
Understanding how chords work and their relationships to each other is very important for playing jazz. Also, what type of jazz you want to learn is something you should think about as well. Stephan Grapelli is the guy to look to for gypsy jazz. There’s Maiko Jazz Violin on YouTube who has a go at a bit of everything. Jean Luc-Ponty is fusion. I’m not a huge fan of bebop on violin so I can’t really recommend anyone for that. But it’s very important that you listen to a lot of jazz musicians (not just violinists) and start getting an understanding of how they approach their playing. Search on google for Jazz and improvisation books. Hope this helps.