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Hi, Ms. Dianne. It’s lovely to know more about you. 🙂
Of course, I focus on the detail you show me. I will use this video as a material to check my consistency of tone and cleanliness of bow stroke.
I would love to watch your tutorials too. I know it will take for a long time, however, I think that the more I practice it, the easier the next etude is. If I don’t grasp the fundamentals firmly, I will encounter the same problem again and again. It is just an personal experience. Sometimes, I’m afraid to fall into perfectionism because I don’t know when it is acceptable and when I need to move on to learn a new etude or new piece of music. Will you give me some advice? I keep in mind that the balance between musical and technical, but I realize that the musical develops parallely with the technical.
Anyway, as you always say: “Perfect practice makes perfect”.
It is 6:15 am now, good morning from Vietnam. Have a nice day!