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Dianne Adkins

Hypnotic. Very lovely and deeply touching. I used music as healing in a very bad time in my life. I play and perform, but I never had a talent for writing music. During this troubled time in my life, I wrote music, maybe over 200 songs of many different genres. The tunes and words came to me while I was doing very ordinary things like driving along, or feeding a baby, or house cleaning. Even one or two came to me in a dream. I would try to write everything down as soon as I could, then develop the melody and chord structure. I sat at the piano for hours every day. About two years of this, and afterwards, a friend of my husband listened to one of my songs on a cheap cassette player and wanted to invest and produce an album. We did make an album. And 4 of us working together inspired 2 other members to write music as well. Our album was never marketed because of personality conflicts and contractual disagreements. But I didn’t care, because my goal was to heal, not to profit from it.