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Dianne Adkins

Hi Chan! I am from America. I live on the eastern coast in a mountain, rural area in the state of West Virginia. I was raised in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, which is closer to the beach 😉 I have never been outside the United States. It’s so sweet of you to say you are happy to be my student. :):) <3<3

So, watching the video, she says exactly what I said! Her demonstration is very good. I have seen her videos before and they are very detailed and accurate. So now you will try to play as she suggested for intermediates? Low in the bow with fluid fingers and wrist?

I would like to see you try to get the string crossings bow strokes more like the all notes on a string bow strokes, still in the upper half. That’s why I suggested practicing the open strings on the string crossings. Then check the elbow function on the bow side.

This is a great video! All her points are so valid. I wish I had her video recording equipment and I would make tutorials too. If you did all that she asked for this etude, however, you would play this etude for a long time!