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Dianne Adkins

Hi guys, this thread is going so great, with excellent advice about new violins and why they sometimes don’t stay in tune better. New strings take about 2 weeks to perfectly settle down. Until then, it is very common to have to tune several times, even during one practice. Be careful turning the pegs! You probably already know, a very small turn makes a huge change in the string, and can easily break the string.

So the reason I’m responding in this thread today is that someone mentioned the Viviano Vitale Violin. I wanted to tell you that I have one of these violins in my studio for evaluation. Now, I play on a 100 yr old violin worth about 20K. But this Viviano Vitale is so nice, I haven’t picked up my other violin since I started playing this one!

The link to the Viviano Vitale allows you to go and see pictures and videos of this instrument being played. The sound is immense and ringing. It took me maybe two sessions of playing to get used to it, having played my other violin so many years. Just the physical things, like chin rest, finger action, etc is a little different on a new violin than an old one.

But the SOUND. I can’t believe this violin is listed as an intermediate violin, because I personally would play it in any professional setting. It’s so well balanced, the sound production is even from G string to fifth, sixth position on E string and the notes speak effortlessly. So all this to say, I endorse this violin whole heartedly. It is really a gem, in my opinion. And I haven’t even mentioned that it is just truly a beautiful instrument. The color, the shiny varnish, the excellent craftsmanship. I don’t recommend products I haven’t tried and approved 100% first. And I don’t praise or congratulate students unless it is really deserved. In the case of this violin, my praise is well deserved. Since you can try before you buy on SuperiorViolins.com, there is no reason not to get this violin in your hands and try it. SuperiorViolins also has a payment plan and offers financing with ZERO interest for 6 months, if you can’t pay outright.

I know most of you are probably hoping for the giveaway package. Good luck to all! It’s a gorgeous outfit worth $1500. But I just wanted to tell you all that, best of all, the Viviano Vitale Violin, usually priced on the site at around $1000.00, is on sale right now for $700.00! I don’t know how long that sale lasts but it is really worth it.

If you have time, go have a look at all the pictures of this beautiful instrument, and watch the videos of people playing it! Here’s a pic of the back of one of them. The tiger flare patterns in the back are so pretty and by the way, if you didn’t know it, this is an indication of a high quality instrument. Violin makers save the best woods for good violins and high end violins always have a deep, almost 3D flare pattern in the wood on the back. Enjoy!
Viviano Vitale Violin

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