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Thank you very much, Ms.Dianne. I have some questions and my own feedback.
1/ My pinkie is still very weak, specifically it’s the 2nd joint, and it tends to bend like this (picture 1) I’m practising the exercise #3 in this blog: http://www.violintutorpro.com/three-intermediate-exercises-for-violinists/ . I wonder if I continue to use it, will it form a bad habit?
2/ I think the reason why B natural sounds flat is I don’t use index to press when transition from down bow to up bow. I notice it at the slow speed, but it hasn’t become a muscle memory, so when I speed up, I forget it.
3/ The sound is sometimes ‘edgy’ on D and G string, I think that 2 reasons are rosin is not enough and my speed of bow isn’t even.
4/ string crossings form E to D to G: I honestly confess that I haven’t separated and practised it much enough. Before your feedback about leaving fingers in a group, I left fingers individually. Therefore, I applied that new technique and did not spend enough time to separate that part and harness it.
5/ I have found Sevcik School of Violin Techniques, Op. 1. Part 1. Can you check to confirm it is right?
6/ What is the name of #11 etude? I found 5 etude books from a blog in this site. Wohlfahrt, Kayser, Mazas, Sitt, Kreutzer. And I decided to practice the easiest etude within my current level.
I am sorry about not introducing myself in more detail. I started on May, 2014 with a teacher for 2 months. After that, I returned to my hometown to take care of my grandmother. Then I suffered a sickness, so I remained almost unchanged for 1 year. I actually pick up the violin again and seriously learned on October, 2015. And I knew this website, I decided to follow the instructions to form a solid foundation. I work on drills, scales, etudes, Suzuki book.
I’m 20 years old now and I was drawn to classical music. I used to listen a lot at home, however I never imagine me play an instrument, especially the violin. Because there is no teacher in my hometown and even no one violin ever appearing here. I know it is a long, challenging journey to my dream: playing famous pieces of music by Paganini, Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart,..v..v… Besides, playing an instrument requires a natural aptitude. It doesn’t depend only on hard trying. I can’t self-assess whether I have that natural talent or not. Maybe, I can’t be a violinist who can perform for every one in large orchestra. I will become a great violin player to myself and share my interest to my family and friends.
I share my story so that you can evaluate my level. Can you show me which specific next etude I need to work on?
Thank again for your dedication. I will follow all your instructions.