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Dianne Adkins

Personally, I can see using a pitch tuner for tuning the violin, or to re-align the left hand after a major positional adjustment. Beyond that, using a tuner that gives a visual reinforcement to finger placement does nothing to train the ear. Playing the violin requires a good ear. You should be listening to your fingers and looking at your bow. You don’t have another pair of eyes to check a tuner optic. You need to let your ear decide if the pitch needs to be adjusted. And you need to set up habits that force decision on listening alone.

To transition away from the tuner, you could practice notes without the tuner, get the note where you think it should be, then check with the tuner. Then practice that repeatedly with eyes closed, listening carefully and memorizing the feeling in the hand, the motion of placing the finger in the correct position. As long as you are ‘reading’ (the tuner), you’re not memorizing (the necessary muscle action).