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Kevin DeSilva

Lol …. Hi Monica <3

Welcome to the Forum.

I am 52 and have just started also … and I have found, when looking at the “end goal” on this journey, it can seem overwhelming … a mountain of inconceivable height to climb.

However, when we remember that no journey ever really has an “end” – that the journey always continues ….. we can take a different view …. we can enjoy each and every moment 😀

Enjoy the sweet and the sour notes … enjoy the silly things we do and our accomplishments with equal measure.

I could wish I would have started when I was five years old, when I first decided “I want to learn the Fiddle” … but that it the past.

I could wish to play like Anne Akiko Meyers or Itzhak Perlman … but that is a possible future that may or may not come to pass – one in an infinite potentiality field.

But HERE and NOW …. I can enjoy, I can love, I can laugh …. living in the present moment – it’s a cool thing to do.