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Danny Block

Thank you for the notes. I believe recently my bow is traveling down the neck a bit because I saw a master class on video given by Galamian where he harps on the position of this particular player’s elbow not being far back enough, and I thought mine was way forward of that. Anyway this is the first video of myself I have seen since then, I’m obviously overcompensating or am trying to fix a problem I might not have had. I think I can undo what I have done.
As far as the vibrato is concerned…I don’t recall having enough time to do much, but you have nailed a problem I have had for quite a while. I feel my “arm vebrato is very good but my wrist, and finger vebrato is lacking. And has never been good. It’s one of those things that’s on my “to do ” list that I never seem to get around to. It’s something that I sort of get away with in this kind of music, and in baroque, but catches up with me when I play something like the Mendelssohn, or Bruch. I’m going to look up those threads about vibrato.
Thanks again Dianne