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Dianne Adkins

Yes, my friend! Take this part out of the piece and practice the BOW LIFT and the key to bow control, SETTING the bow before you play.

E1, A3, E3, E1, E0

During this segment, hold down E1 until the last note. Let third finger hop from E to A. At the end of the segment, follow through from the down bow, lifting the bow off the string and setting it silently on the E before you repeat the segment.

Now, you can make this even easier and more relevant to the bow lift, by playing without the fingering.

E, A, E, E, E, Stop. Circle. Set. Repeat. ‘Circle’ or ‘Bow Circle’ means you are making a circle in the air as you play the down bow, stop the bow, lift the bow off and go up bow in the air, then set the bow on the string before you play. Keep the bow grip firm during this movement and make sure the tip stays aligned with the hand during the bow circle.

To practice the ‘Bow Circle’ with all the essential steps, practice this on open E:

Play (Down, E0).
Stop (stay on the string).
Circle (bring the bow around to prepare for another Down bow).
Set (silently on the string, to gain control before playing again.)

After this is easy, use the 4 steps of the bow circle in the previous practice unit. First with open strings, then add the fingers.

Remember to start the bow stroke at the middle. Play half bows at the upper half, opening and closing the bow arm from the elbow like a gate. Stop every bow stroke.

I hope you find this helpful!