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Dianne Adkins

Hey Vyshakh! I think I know what you’re asking. It’s where the left hand plucks the string by pulling the notes (fingers) as they are played and the bow usually bounces on a down bow, plays notes alternating with bow hand pizzicato, or left hand plucking with bow hand also plucking. This is a virtuoso technique, often found in pieces by Niccolo Paganini. In the following example, starting at 2:36, you can see/ hear an example of pulling the fingerings, thus plucking the strings, alternating with bow hand pizzicato on some of the notes, from Paganini’s Caprice No. 24. Its a pretty impressive violin technique. I think this is a movie scene, but the violinist is really playing. He is playing the character of Paganini.

If you have a piece of music you are trying to play that requires ‘arco’ and ‘pizzicato’ at the same time, maybe you can show it to me and I will try to work out exactly what it’s trying to tell you.