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William Bickerstaff

Thanks… and the fading in vibrato makes lots of sense. I normally play this tune in 3rd position which eliminates the open strings, but alas, I, when I did this recording, was nervous in front of the video recorder and did the whole thing in 1st position and didn’t even think. I have since gotten over that nervousness. Also, since this recording, I have slightly changed my left hand/arm position by moving my elbow more under the violin so that my left hand is more relaxed and the vibrato is not so tight. I also adjusted the shoulder rest so that I only need the left hand for the finger board and my head and shoulders support the violin. (In this video I have the violin neck kinda clamped between my thumb and the knuckle of my first finger) Now, the knuckle is barely holding the violin so that it rubs the neck rather than clamping the neck allowing my vibrato to loosen up a bit.

I still fight with myself to use more of the bow (getting away from the upper third all the time). I think I should invest in a mirror to watch myself. When I see it that way, I will more readily make the adjustments.