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Joanna Johnson

I love this piece! Very well done, Will! Your intonation and phrasing is great! I would recommend trying to stay a little more in the middle of your bow. Most of this piece was played at the tip, but try experimenting with different areas of the bow for different sounds and variation in dynamics. It should be easier to keep the bow connected to the string in the middle portion of the bow too. Violinists tend to jerk the bow or suddenly move the bow faster at string changes, but try to keep it slow and smooth to connect the notes a little more. If you can end the piece on a down bow, that will be the easiest way to end smoothly. Your left hand is working very well. The vibrato just sounds a little bit tight. I recommend some slow vibrato practice trying to keep the vibrato wide and even sounding one note at a time. Then bring it slowly faster trying to keep it wide and even. Another suggestion for vibrato: instead of going directly from an open string to suddenly a strong vibrato, try fading the vibrato in. Does that make sense? One more tip for your left hand: try adding a couple embellishments and maybe a few slurs.