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Dianne Adkins

Hi all! The violin Anteros is referring to is the Ming Jiang Zhu Violin. Click the name of the violin to see it! It is truly a gorgeous instrument. There are videos of Michael playing this violin on the page so you can actually hear what it sounds like.

To Anteros, you do know SuperiorViolins has a payment plan, right? Also, they provide financing for you to get your dream violin if you want it. I recently talked to Michael briefly about this, and how they are willing to help you get the instrument of your dreams. If you would like to ask Michael about financing or a payment plan, please let me know!

Did you know that Ming Jiang Zhu recently passed away? He trained luthiers in his violin making skills, but violins made by him are going to increase in value over the years. Currently Superior Violins has that violin on sale in a package. The Ming Jiang Zhu Violin Package includes a high quality bow and violin case.

Ming Jiang Zhu Violin