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Hi, I’m Traci. 🙂 I started playing cello when I was in middle school. I was walking by a practice room when I heard this beautiful sound. I found out it was a teacher playing a cello and I told her how beautiful I thought the sound was. She asked me simply, “Do you want to learn?”. This was a question I never expected! But yes, I did! When I got home I asked my mother if she could rent me a cello and she was so kind to support the idea completely. However, we moved a lot when I was a child and those first lessons where my some of the only lessons I’d get in my life. I’ve had a few more lessons scattered over years and years of playing, though I was in the orchestra in high school for a year or two. I have continued to play off and on, teaching myself and trying to progress forward. I am sorry I didn’t have the benefit of enough lessons and good teachers beyond the first one because I think I could have made something of it if only I had confidence. At any rate, the cello has gotten me through a lot in my life and I’m so glad to be a cellist, even if I don’t perform and it’s a very private things for me. Recently, my husband got me a brand new beautiful cello and I’ve been getting into playing much more again. I’m taking up the violin to see how it goes…mostly to learn to play fiddle tunes, which I love. I’m excited about it. Anyway, glad to see there are some cellist here!