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Kevin DeSilva

Yay!! 😀

Welcome to the group! … You will find lots of wonderful knowledge here.

Enjoy every moment … Enjoy every note – even if some may not be the ones you intended to play 😀

At almost 53, i am just starting to learn;
Do i wish i started at 5 yrs old when i first realized this is the form of expression that sings in harmony with my Spirit! … Yes i do!! … but that is the past.

Do i want to sound like Itzhak Perlman or Anne Akiko Meyers? … Yes i do!! …. but that is a possible future – one of infinite posibilities.

I have found the study of the Violin to be a study of living in the present moment … That place where the meaning of life, the fountain of joy and the journey into infinity is to be found.

Many blessings on your journey