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Joanna Johnson

Hi Mariko!

Good work! Your intonation is sounding great! One recommendation for your left hand is to keep your pinkey curved and on its tip when it goes on the fingerboard. Try to keep your hand in good position for your fourth finger at all times so you don’t have to adjust your hand to play the 4. Otherwise, your left hand looks great! My biggest suggestion would be for your bow arm. Try to relax your bow arm more. Keep your elbow loose and heavy feeling, and your wrist flexible. Let your bow thumb do the work of pulling out the sound, don’t push the bow into the string with the top of your arm. It seemed like you might have gotten a little behind the piano track? Just try keeping little bows and don’t take too much time between phrases. That should help you stay better in tempo when it is a fast song.

Let me know if you have any questions! You are sounding great!