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Thank You very much Dianne for replying that soon. I measured the size of my violin like you said. Hmm… I feel like my elbow bents right and my palm doesn”t feel to close to my face (if I did it right). Still I noticed that knuckle of my first finger is tuching a tunning peg (a lot). It feels really wierd. I am not sure if that is supposed to be that way.
I don”t know if my shoulder rest is problematic. It bends when I put my head down. I feel very scared when I practice holding my violin only with my head because I think that my violin is about to fall every second. One time I played on other violin with different shoulder rest that doesn”t bent a bit and feels very firm and I still felt uncomfortable. I don”t know if I felt that way because I just needed to adjust to it or…? How can I fix my problems ( if they really are problems)? Hope You will find time to give me some answers and tips. I really appreciate it.
With respect