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Dianne Adkins

Hi again Hexensohn, I got to thinking about your post and, if Prof Maytan is using something like a KUN Shoulder Rest or a RESONANS Shoulder Rest, the default (or starting position) for placing it on the violin is equal distance from the C bouts, on the widest point of the lower violin. Moving either side further up or down is OK and can make a world of difference. Positional angles depend a lot on your body frame. If you have narrower shoulders, you’ll find pulling the bottom side of the shoulder rest lower than the other side.

Try matching the shoulder rest to the shape of your shoulder. Take the shoulder rest off the violin and lay it on your shoulder. Then bring the violin to the shoulder rest (sitting on your shoulder) and you’ll see the best angle for your shoulder rest. If you’re still growing, check this periodically as it could change over time.

I hope this helps!