#13467 Reply

Dianne Adkins

Bluerose, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful rendition! So much good stuff going on here. Musically expressive. Relaxed whole body movements that enhance the performance and bow function. Vibrato. Excellent shifting. This was so very pleasant to watch, thank you! As the local ‘tipster’, I can think of two small things to focus on to improve your playing. One tip for each hand!

For the left hand, especially in this piece, which sounds yiddish, a wider, slower vibrato would be good. Your vibrato is fast and intense. And you’re going to need that for intense pieces. But for prayerful pieces, a wider vibrato will lend a more soulful sound to the performance.

For the right side, the bow elbow seems a bit high, most prominently leading on up bows. I suggest letting the arm drop and relax just a little. This will keep your bow arm from getting tired and when you’re playing on acoustic violin, you can use the weight of your arm to work on tone production.

It’s very hard to comment without making some suggestions about tone production, but while playing on electric violin, we really can’t get a good idea of what kind of tone production you are making. It seems such an integral part of violin playing, I hope you’ll consider playing acoustic violin too! Thanks again!

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