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Dianne Adkins

I don’t think there actually is a CURE for stage fright, just tools to deal with it. I will have to read that article. I played in the symphony for years and found my biggest fear to get a coughing fit during a performance, especially during a quiet part of a piece. I kept cough drops nearby at all times and prepared ahead before my mouth dried up, to stay aware of my breathing and the moisture factor inside my mouth. Other people had problems with trembling bows (for which I have a trick or two). Still others fought issues of concentration and trying to stay in the music instead of inside your head where the voice tells you that everyone is watching you and that hard part is coming up. There’s nothing better for dealing with stage fright than preparation. So practice well, practice in the performance venue, practice in what you’ll wear. Get plenty of rest the days before a performance. Drink plenty of water, too. As symphony musician’s some people took beta blockers before performances. Some also say eating pasta before performance is good because it’s a comfort food and high carbs, which will give energy. What are some of the ways you deal with performance anxiety?