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I practice every day. I take my violin out about mid-morning and practice for short periods throughout the day. I have to confess I am rather obsessed with it right now because I have only been playing for a couple of months. My practice sessions have evolved into a sort of reward for getting my chores done throughout the day, lol. I think “just let me get this load of clothes folded and put away and then I can have a few minutes with the violin”.

With my teacher I am working through Suzuki Book 1 and the songs are becoming more demanding. I am starting to put the fourth finger down. Ouch! What she doesn’t know is that I have gone off the rails into bluegrass territory. So in addition to the Suzuki stuff, I practice other songs that appeal to me. Yes, I am sneaky! But my soul cries out that I MUST perfect Redwing 🙂