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Ladbrooke Bomeke

A sad truth, most of the teachers I’ve had throughout my life haven’t given me a lot of etudes. Exercises yes, to practice certain techniques but I can’t recall actually going through a book of etudes. I’ve been trying to attempt going through them on my own, but I just don’t get involved in it like I think I should. With the three octave scales, I actually step away from the music stand and close my eyes to listen to sound and intonation, and then look in the mirror to make sure everything else is in order as I play. I’m trying to work at being mentally and physically involved in etudes too because I know they’re just as important as scales, just haven’t been able to maybe until now….

I attempted the first Kreutzer etude and so far everything is coming easily. I like how it’s already taking me into the higher positions and not just on the E string and getting me to try new things. That one I plan on posting here online for criticism as soon as I feel it’s ready to be judged lol

But now I have a nice list to turn to if I end up being humbled by the Kreutzer etudes and/or receive honest criticism from fellow violinist.