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Dianne Adkins

Hi Ladbrooke! As far as the process you describe, if you are into the Kreutzer etudes, you shouldn’t have any troubles reading through with most everything in place. Of course, if you are attempting something really hard, I think your break down makes perfect sense, but you may be on one etude for a long time, or not finish it when it gets too hard. I would encourage you to go through the literature in loose order, just so you get all the benefits of fundamentals introduced in earlier etude books. They do sometimes seems boring, but you have to try to think about what you’re supposed to be learning from them.

I don’t know your level of playing, but every student who I give etude books to has to work through the easy ones and progress to the next. Especially if you plan to get a music degree, college teachers will expect that you’ve gone through in an orderly fashion. I’ll try to put an ordered list together sometime, but meanwhile be sure you include technique study books along with an etude book. Here are some ‘staples’ you should be covering before and along with Kreutzer:

Flesch or Galamian Scales and arpeggio studies
Wohlfahrt 60 Etudes Op. 45 Books 1 and 2
Schradieck School of Violin Technique
Sevcik School of Violin Technics, Op. 1
Josephine Trott Melodious Double Stops, Books 1 and 2
F. Mazas Op. 36 Forty Selected Studies

Happy practicing!