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One idea I had for the forum, was to try and organize it a little better, instead of having a list of categories and then pages of threads to sort through, all with only a few comments each. This is most apparent in the “A Place to Introduce Yourself” category. Usually that’s dedicated as a single thread, with new users commenting in that one thread.

Now, I’m sure there’s a better way than this, but it’s just an example of how to organize and ‘condense’ some of those categories and sub-topics.

— Forum Rules
— A Place to Introduce Yourself

Learning Violin
— Beginner
— Intermediate
— Advanced
— Adult
— Fiddle

Song Requests
–Any Piece – We’ll Teach it

Advice / Feedback
— Instruments [Guide to purchasing instruments and what to look for, as well as reviews and comparisons]
— Accessories
— Video Feedback
* It might be helpful to organize feedback by the person. A student can create his/her own thread/topic and post a new video in that same thread… versus making a new thread for every video.

Other Instruments
— Viola
— Cello
— Bass

Networking [Professional Discussion]

General Discussion

Bugs / Site Suggestions
— F.A.Q
— Report Problem [Useful to see how many users have the same problem]
— Site Requests / Suggestions