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Dianne Adkins

William! My friend!!! This made my day. I am so happy I could make a little difference! Thank you for sharing your teacher’s reaction to the little advice I gave and you put to action so perfectly. I think I might be as happy as you are! I often feel a calling, now in my old age (lol), to organize somehow a ‘teaching teachers to teach’ class or book (<I have actually started this for the Suzuki literature), because I see a lot of teachers tell their students to do stuff that really isn’t helpful. I have also seen ‘devices’ that assist in bow grip and bow control and violin hand position that are detrimental. It’s twice as hard to fix something that is learned wrong, than it is to learn it right the first time. That’s why I think at this stage in my life, it might be time to pass on some insights like that. Anyway, Congratulations!! Your success is my success!