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Dianne Adkins

Here’s a Link to all Violin String Sets available from Superior Violins.

I personally use Thomastik Dominants on G, D and A strings. They have a synthetic perlon core and are wound with aluminum. When I played in professional symphonies, lots of players also used this brand. I like the fact that you can get varying ‘gauges’ of these strings, and you can get all those variations on Superior Violins, too. I have a French violin that is very bright in tone. The ‘weich’ or light gauge keeps the tone more mellow and balanced.

I use a Pirastro Gold E string, sometimes the Olive gauge of the same Pirastro brand because it’s also lighter. But this is a great E string that makes a clear, responsive sound. Many professionals I know also use this E string in combination with the Thomastik Dominants.

I recommend them for all my students, too. For beginners just starting out and probably using smaller sized violins, I recommend Red Label Violin Strings. They are less expensive and less troublesome to keep in tune, while the Thomastik Dominants take about a week to settle down. The Red Label Strings are solid steel core with nickel winding.