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William Bickerstaff

Dianne Adkins…

Today I went to my weekly lesson and played the 2 to a bow, 3 to a bow, and 4 to a bow scale and my teacher was amazed at how well I did , especially with the difficult shift on the A string. I owe you my thanks for that. Now, she has me started on 6 to a bow stroke… which is kind of fast now, but I know I will do it before my next lesson. Also, the little shifting exercise you gave me helped in the Whistler position book exercises She is pleased and I am pleased. Also, my vibrato is much improved too, which makes me very happy.

On a somewhat humorous note:

I asked my teacher if she would forgive me for “cheatin’ on her” with the help I get here… Her smile shone out as she said “No, Not at all”. In fact, she is very pleased that I do and may join and start using this site for herself.