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Joanna Johnson

Very nice job, Mariko! You are making a lot of improvement! With your second finger in this piece, aim for it to be right next to the first finger on the E string. Then on the A string make sure your 2nd finger is high. It is a tricky piece because your 2 has to jump between low and high, so make sure you are really clear about which string it needs to be low and which string it needs to be high. It That will help with that intonation problem. One more comment I have is that I think you will have a little more control over your bow if you rest your pointer finger a little closer to the tip of the finger. In between your first and second knuckle should give you a little more solid grip. It looks like the bow was resting more around your 2nd and 4th knuckles. Hopefully that makes sense. You can always find me on the community page or here if you need more help. 🙂