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Gayle Maurer

Thank you, Diane! Today I played around with my shoulder rest. I had it adjusted too high so it ended up pushing my violin scroll end up. I think I have it adjusted better now. My strings now look parallel to the floor – even in a mirror. As soon as I learn another song, I will post it so you can see if it looks more level. That particular song was pretty simple, so I was able to memorize it (just repeats 4 times!). As they get harder, I will TRY to memorize them as well before I video tape them.

I am still not convinced I have the correct chin rest for me. I am currently using the typical chin rest that comes with student quality violins. It seems higher than it needs to be. I usually get my supplies from Amazon and they have a flatter, thinner rest that looks interesting. Any suggestions on one to try? I know you can’t tell without seeing me in person, but is there a chin rest shape that fits more people? This one works, but I am hoping another shape would be more comfortable and require less neck muscles to hold the violin up.

The only other question I have right now is about bows. Will a better quality bow (still under $100) make a real difference in sound quality? The one that came with the violin is pretty cheap. It must be plastic. It does have real horsehair, but doesn’t tighten or loosen like it should.

Thanks so much!