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Dianne Adkins

Gayle, I liked SO much about this video. I liked that you had the piece memorized. (I think!) But most of all I loved the joyous smile on your face! Everyone becomes an angel when their head is on a violin 🙂 But your smile carried all the way through my screen!

So, I have to agree, the scroll of the violin is a bit high. I tell my students the scroll must be ‘cake eating’ high. Too high or too low and the cake rolls off! And then, you get no cake! The same happens to your bow. Too high and the bow travels over the bridge. Too low and it travels over the fingerboard. Although you kept very good control of bow placement, you had to work harder to do that, because of the super high position of your scroll. Try to level the scroll even with the height of your mouth (cake!). Test by letting go with the left hand. All good things begin with this getting fixed.

Sometimes we adjust position of the violin to better see the fingers. If this is the case, please challenge yourself to play eyes closed after re-positioning the violin to its proper level. When eyes are opened, look at the bow and listen to the fingers. This will train your ear, make bow control easier, allow you to develop tone and coordinate bow with fingers a lot better.

Feel free to ask me any questions or post another video! I’m always here to help!