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Dianne Adkins

William. If you were here, you’d be hearing my GOOD!’s and my OH MY GAH!’s. I am SO pleased at your progress on this one little thing. And it’s a big thing, actually, isn’t it? You did it PERFECTLY. Violin position. GOOD. Sirens. GOOD. Thumb moving with shift. GOOD. Intonation. GOOD. I mean you fixed EVERYTHING. And I hope you hear the difference, because anybody paying attention will be really impressed. Congrats! So what’s next?

Well, keep doing this kind of practice, because as you try new things, this will backslide into old, comfortable habits. One other thing I want you to try while you’re practicing these shifts and slides, etc is to hold a bubble in your mouth. Fill your mouth with an imaginary bubble, not so much that your cheeks poof out, but just enough so that your jaw is open, but your lips remain together. Let me know how this goes!

Also, just doing the motion of left hand in first position, without the violin, moving like a siren toward your shoulder till the pinkie tip touches your shoulder, or your ear… back down, and up about ten times. This let’s you look at the way the arm ‘pronates’ for upper positions, and the elbow goes further inward or under where the violin would be. Simple muscle memory exercises like this help make it easier when the violin is in place.

Fantastic progress, William. I couldn’t be more pleased! I’ll be happy to provide feedback on anything else in future. Just message me if you want.