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Dianne Adkins

You are SO so welcome! I should have said, when you find a bow with these violins, don’t bother rehairing them because they usually are not worth much. Our grandfathers were fiddlers, usually not concert violinists who paid very much for their instruments. I didn’t even think to mention about the dust mites may also remain in the case. Thanks for pointing that out!

So if you are going to upgrade your bow, please browse bows at Superior Violins before you buy because I have shopped around and their prices are really good! Here are some direct links for all their bow categories:
All Violin Bows.
Brazilwood Bows, unbelievably under $20.00!
The J. LaSalle Carbon Fiber, a beautiful black bow for serious students. The stick will never break or warp.
The Otis Leandro Pernambuco Violin Bow, made of professional grade pernambuco wood. All better bows start with pernambuco! There is also a video on this page that Michael made describing different qualities of violin bows.
The Teresa Angelo Carbon Fiber Violin Bow. Check out the patterned, black carbon fiber. This is my favorite in the lower price ranges, TBH.

And if you are up for spending a little more for a forever bow they have these three bows:
The Carmela Petro Pernambuco Violin Bow.
The Hermann Lugar Pernambuco Violin Bow. (Silver mounted, so this one will increase in value over the years!)
The Herman Luger Gold Plated Violin Bow. Only the finest quality bows get gold plated treatments. These are investments and like the silver mounted bows, will improve in value over the years!

I have some of these bows at my house to try out. I will be writing reviews on everything eventually. I have some cases too, and of course some violins. I will be writing on the forums about them and posting some photos when I figure out how lol!