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Hi Dianne, thanks so much for your explanation about scales! I do practice scales and I think I’m at the first step still. 🙂 I do the long bow strokes with “perfect” intonation ( well that’s my goal). I do like your steps, so I know how I can proceed after doing the slow full bows. Thanks very much for that!

Also, I did have a look at Schradieck already but there are some weird fingerings. Weird for me at least. It looks as if the scales should be played on one string. For a beginner like me that’s really hard. So, could I also play it like regular scales using several strings?? Anyway, I think this book looks pretty overwhelming. I was very enthusiastic when I first heard about it but when I took a look at it I just closed it again and didn’t do anything with it. I just do easy scales in one or two octaves for now. So, how could I tackle Schradieck? Or is it too early for me to do that?