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Dianne, “Thank You” for taking the time to reply to my post. I have gone on google to research and what you shared was a better written description of the Maggini than I could find. I have carefully looked at my violin. I had to chuckle when I read your description of dust mites in the case. I re-haired the bow and to my surprise the bow deteriorated due to the mites!!! At that point I bought a new case which solved that problem. The surfing is black, all still intact on the top as well as the bottom (no inlay of wood). The surfing is sharp at the edges of the body but the wood is not pointed but very briefly smooth / flat. The end of the scroll that goes into the peg box is straight across the box at the top and does not have a rounded finish. The back of the violin however does have tiger striped faring pattern that is not dull. Looking inside the violin I can see lines in the wood, the signing looks like a Roman Printing, the year has a smudge one of the numbers. I do use a damper and that may have caused that. The tail piece is kind of ornate There is a flower about 1 1/2″ in length that looks like it is a pearl inlaid. The rose has red etching in the pearl and the leaves and stem have black etching.

I would have to say my violin is a good imitation of the original. It is unfortunate that years ago some violin makers didn’t put their own signatures or have a system of marking the violins inside that it was a copy. I have already spent several hundred dollars to make my violin easier for me to play on (new pegs, bridge, chin rest, repaired leaks, new sound board, added a lift to finger board so that my strings didn’t break by rubbing against entery into the peg box). All these things made my violin a playable instrument. I did not play it for several years after I got it because I was frustrated as the strings broke when I would put them on. I lived in a small rural community and finally took it to a music store 2 1/2 hours away to get the repairs done.

I upgraded with a Brazilian bow 3 years ago which at the time I thought was expensive ($125) but realize that is not a lot to pay for a bow. Now that I have been taking lessons for 4 years I am learning several bow techniques and believe a good bow would help establish those techniques. That would probably be my first action but certainly would keep open the possibility of upgrading my violin at some point in the future. I know that Michael at Superior Violins does have a program where he would send bows and instruments to try which makes it easier than going to the cities to try them out. I have only read good things about Superior Violins and would mosts definitely go there when I am ready.

“Thank You” for your sound advice. It is greatly appreciated 🙂