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Gayle Maurer

My father played the violin. In fact he studied at Interlochen, a music school here in Michigan. Also, his father made violins. I loved to hear my dad play, but it didn’t interest me much at the time to play it myself. He passed away when I was nine. I could have had his violin, but was more interested in learning to play the guitar. The guitar you see, at the time, was much cooler. Also, I don’t believe there were any violin teachers in my town and the Internet was not yet even thought of, so that help wasn’t available, My mom was indulgent and I was able to take lessons on the acoustic guitar. This was after a couple attempts at piano lessons. I can play piano, but only got good enough to play the “easy” versions of songs. Thankfully, I have a better knack for the guitar and ukulele. I also play three sizes of recorder which I learned on my own. That’s why I am attempting to learn the violin on my own. I am finding it a bit daunting. This website has been a great help getting me started. I may yet find a good teacher. Anyway, as to why I decided to learn the violin, after all the years, is I have finally discovered that it IS a “cool” instrument!