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Joanna Johnson

Very nice! I am glad to see you playing a Scottish Tune! It sounds like you have great intonation and good connection with the bow into the string. The tone sounded a little funny just because it is an electric violin and not plugged into an amp. I think on an acoustic violin, you would be getting a very strong tone! One suggestion for your bow hand is to try to keep your pinky curved. That will give you more control over your bow. As this is a Scottish tune, you can make it more Scottish sounding by adding some embellishments with your left hand. If you haven’t learned embellishments, you can find me here for lessons. http://www.violintutorpro.com/private-lessons/?show=details&performer_id=4407 Another good way to learn some embellishments is by listening to great Scottish Fiddlers on Spotify or Youtube. Look up fiddlers like Bonnie Rideout, Colyn Fischer, Melinda Crawford, or Allisdair Fraiser. They are all very good!