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My violin was my grandfathers. Long story. My grandfather gave it to me when I went to college as a music major (played the french horn). Started taking violin as a 2nd instrument. He passed away and my step grandmother said that he willed it to my Uncle in CA (I live in WI). I was devastated and did not continue with the violin. About 10 years ago (40 years later!!!) I received a box in the mail from CA. It was my grandfather’s violin!!!! My uncle said that it should have been mine to begin with. It needed some repairs ( strings kept breaking at the end of the fingerboard / sharp end). I now have been taking violin lessons for 4 years. I love my violin as it has great sentimental value but after hearing you play on some of your teaching videos it does not have near the quality. As I play more I sense that it won’t be too much longer and I will want an upgrade. Are you able to tell me anything about the playing quality of my grandfather’s violin? Perhaps the quality has to do with me the player. I have not asked my teacher about what she thinks about whether an upgrade will give me a better sounding quality than my grandfather’s violin. Inside the violin it says: Giovan paolo Maggini Brelcia 1694. The luthier who repaired my violin said it was a German violin. I would never depart with my grandfather’s violin but would like your opinion on the sound. I play in a Church Praise band. I am learning classical but my love it “old time music” and “fiddle music”. Thank You ahead of time for your response.