#12620 Reply

Joanna Johnson

Hi Will,

It seems you are doing well shifting to the correct pitch. Your thumb also looks like it is moving properly with your hand. You want to make sure that your thumb always moves with your hand as one unit. Also watch that your hand position stays the same as you shift. It looks like it is bending at the joint that connects your finger to your hand. Sometimes that is where your hand position changes when you shift. Keep that part of your hand straight as you shift. I noticed your hand changes shape a little once you put your 4th finger down (You start to turn your hand more towards the fingerboard). Try to keep your hand turned towards the fingerboard no matter which finger you are playing and your hand in the same position for each finger. Then try to keep your pinkey bent and right on its tip when it goes on the fingerboard. You want your hand to be in good position for the pinkey no matter what finger you are using so that you can use your pinkey at any time. Hopefully these tips make sense. Let me know if you have any questions! Your left hand is in pretty good position already. These are just picky little tips that can make it even better.