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Christie Nicklay

Yes, the violin is a difficult instrument to learn, however, as Michael said…it’s not a race. It all takes time. You have to lay a foundation first. Baby steps and consistency are key! I began on a cheap violin with tapes to mark the notes while I learned the basics. Now, 13 months later, I’m upgrading to a more expensive instrument (still trying it out), better bow, and NO tapes to guide me. My experience level is somewhere between beginner and intermediate, but I feel I’ve progressed immensely because I’m playing without the aid of tapes on my violin. It’s been a huge confidence lifter and motivator for me. Another thing I focused on was “regular” practice sessions. I practiced 5 days a week, sometimes it was only 10-15 minutes and sometimes it was 30 or more, but did SOMETHING just about every day…even if it was just tuning it and playing open strings with lots of bow. Since I’ve upgraded, my motivation to play has increased tremendously and now I’m practicing 30-45 minutes per day, 4-5 times a week. I followed Michael’s advice from another video and have incorporated more scales and etudes into my practice routine. Since I don’t have the tapes on the new violin, the scales have proven very beneficial to my ear training and muscle memory. Baby steps!