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Christie Nicklay

My first owned violin was a $49.99 no-name unit from eBay. I used it for over a year to learn the basics. Lately, however, I’ve felt frustrated because I couldn’t get a nice, velvety sound on it. Too many squawks and screeches. Earlier this month, I made the decision to take advantage of Superior Violins “Try Before You Buy” program. I’m on my second week of trying out their Viviano Vitale. It’s a beautiful violin with a beautiful sound. At first, I couldn’t keep it in tune, but after reading the posts above, I’m sure it was because the whole setup was brand new. Now that I’ve been playing it for over a week, it stays in tune. Enjoy your violins, people…no matter what price you paid. Someday you may want to upgrade…and you’ll be glad you did. Michael Sanchez can help you with that!