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Jennifer Hansen

First of all I want to thank everyone here! It is always a good feeling to know that there are others who are in the same boat that I am in! I played for a few years in school but transferred to a school that didn’t have an orchestra. I was so sad to lose something that I so enjoyed. Ever since then I have always wanted to take up the violin again but didn’t think there would be a way that I could accomplish that goal. That is until I found this site and all of the incredible resources that are available to me as well as a wonderful community of supportive helpful people that share the love of the violin as I do. All that I need now is a violin to play which I know will happen some way some how! I am disabled and have lost the ability to take part in many of the activities that I used to and I have been looking for something that I CAN do…that I will love doing and that will bring a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.The violin has always been in the background but everything h been coming tog for me now and I couldn’t be more excited! I cannot wait to get started on this old..new journey with the violin!
Thanks everyone for sharing your stories here! I have drawn encouragement from all of them and have truly come to the conclusion that you are never too old to start OR restart your journey of discovery with the violin!
I wish you all happy learning and happy playing!!??????