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Elizabeth Davis

Yes, a viola bow is a little heavier (some 10 grams on average) and will thus tend to feel a little harsh for the lighter, shorter violin.
You can read more at pages like Ideal Bow Weight.
Also, look at the frog. A violin frog is a little smaller and squared off at the heel, a viola frog has a bit more of a rounded curve to it.

The best way to pick one is to go to a violin shop and PLAY on your violin with a variety of bows. The shop can help you by offering a selection from your selected price range, but you really won’t know if one bow is better for your violin than another unless you try it out. I’ve sat down with dozens of bows that are all the same price and found one or two that feel more “right” than the rest.

Other things to look for – warp – you want to be able to sight from frog to tip and NOT see the stick veering out to one side or the other.
Then fitting – does the screw turn easily? Is the frog flush against the stick? Is the wrap secure?