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Raven Stovall

I think it you can get it through experience and/or learn it but I don’t think only a select few can do it (that would make me feel special (*´∀`*) ). When I tried the piano I couldn’t read sheet music at all so when I wanted to play a song it was more effective to me to just find it myself. Though I only found the melodies…background music was a struggle. Now that I’m playing the violin I now have some idea how to read sheet music, but when I practice the violin there were quite a few times when I played two notes together and a light bulb lit in my head realizing that I can probably play a certain song right now so I try to find it. Two weeks ago I found the song that group of violinists (I believe there was a cellist too) played in Titanic :3. I think it’s something you develop over time. Mine only developed because looking at music sheet made my brain eat itself, set itself on fire and jumped into a pool of anti-freeze.