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Dianne Adkins

One of the main things I work on with students is tone production. Who wants to listen to a violin with poor tone? No one! I use a specific exercise called ‘The Tonalization’ which is an arpeggio exercise in G major and G minor found in Book 2 of Suzuki Violin Method. You can use any similar exercise, but it should be memorized and simple. Then I modify it by playing two full bows on each note. The idea to engage the full length of the bow, and maintain control of three things from frog to tip. The three ‘elements’ of beautiful tone are WEIGHT, SPEED and CONTACT POINT (where to bow touches the string). Each element must be consistent from frog to tip. Usually each player has a problem with one of the three elements. So after you have mastered your bow grip and arm motion, if your tone is still not brilliant, try considering the three elements of beautiful tone. Break it down, working on each idea separately as you play, until you are sure you’re consistent with these three issues. Remember, LISTEN to your fingers, but LOOK at your bow. Happy tone, everyone!