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Joanna Johnson

Good work and great tunes! You have very nice intonation! I have a couple technical suggestions for your bow arm. It looks like you are working a little too hard with your bow arm. Try to keep your bow arm more relaxed. You should be able to get a more fluid bow stroke if you keep your wrist more relaxed too. Make sure you are not moving your elbow more than you need to, your bow arm should be opening and closing from the elbow with your elbow staying in place. I would recommend trying these fiddle tunes while standing with your elbow against the wall. It is a good way to make sure your elbow is not moving unnecessarily. You are doing a very good job of staying in the middle of your bow! Just try to watch that your bow is straight and lines up with the f holes and is not drifting towards the fingerboard. You can always practice in front of a mirror to see if your bow is lining up right.

I have a few more suggestions for your violin arm. It looks like your violin might be a little too far in front of you. Try holding it more up on your shoulder and a little more out to the side. You want to make sure you can stand straight and turn your head over your violin rather than tilting your head down. Then, watch your left hand fingers. Keep your wrist straight. Sometimes your hand position changes when you put your 4th finger down. Just try a simple scale on the A string, keeping your wrist and hand in the same position the whole time. If you have to adjust your hand position every time your 4th finger goes down, it will make it more difficult to play quickly with your 4.

You had really nice slurs in the last tune! I would suggest looking for a few more places to add slurs in the earlier tunes as well. It seems you are picking up some left hand embellishments nicely. I’d say you can use them more!

Let me know if you have any questions! You are doing great! If you want more one on one help, you can find me here: http://www.violintutorpro.com/private-lessons/?show=details&performer_id=4407
I am available for violin and Scottish/Celtic Fiddle Lessons.