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The real issue with electric violins is the quality of the pickups…and the sound you’re trying to achieve. One school of amplified violin is to try to achieve an acoustic violin sound, only louder. Another is to try to get a rock sound equivalent to an electric guitar. The pickups on a guitar are usually wound coils (either single coil like a Stratocaster, or double coils in a humbucker such as a Les Paul). Pickups on violins are typically transducer types. With the right amplifier, they can usually mimic an acoustic violin. However, it’s nearly impossible to achieve an electric guitar sound on a violin, mainly because violin pickups through a guitar amplifier sound thin and reedy, and sometimes painfully shrill. That’s why I opt for a bass amplifier because it tends to minimize the highs, and boosts the lows and mid ranges. That gives a meatier sound, one that can handle your typical effects pedals for guitars – distortion, fuzz, flange, chorus, compression and delay. I hope this is helpful.