Vitale ViolinOver the years, I’ve worked hard to find the best-quality violins, bows, violas and cellos for my customers and students. There are thousands of manufacturers out there, and I’ve turned down many a mediocre instrument in my search for the very best. Over time, I’ve developed a feel (and an ear) for what will meet the needs of beginners and professionals alike. I’ve been extremely happy with the instruments we’ve sold to date, but I wouldn’t be the CEO of Superior Violins if I wasn’t always on the lookout for something even better.

This past year, I found a wholesale resource for instruments of incredibly high quality. The owner of the company is a master string player, and he shares my passion for selling the best instruments at every price point. In fact, he may be the pickiest guy I have ever met when it comes to instrument quality! We’ve talked on the phone for hours about how to find great instruments and how to set them up for optimal sound quality. I’ve learned much from him already.

Our wholesaler finds some of the best violins overseas, and then subjects them to the tightest quality control I’ve ever seen. He makes sure every instrument he brings back to the states is flawless, and by doing so avoids that situation we all dread: getting an instrument that doesn’t meet our expectations. I like doing business with a company so committed to quality, and the proof is in the results. So far, we haven’t had a single customer unhappy with their instrument purchase!

Another plus is value. I’m able to get these instruments at a very reasonable price, which means I can pass more savings on to you. I don’t make as much profit as I could, but that’s fine. It’s more important to me that you’re happy as a customer, and I love that my students are able to learn to play on a high-quality instrument. I’m able to ship the best-quality instruments for every price range, with a better sound than any other comparable instrument out there.

I don’t just sell violins–I have top-quality violas, cellos and bows as well. My wholesaler also just introduced me to some terrific new instruments he is carrying, so watch for more information.

Myself, my partner and our fantastic wholesaler are all committed to helping you find the perfect instrument that will exceed your expectations in every area. Your satisfaction is so important to us that we’ll even send you an instrument (or two) to try before you purchase–with no obligation. Our try-before-you-buy program shows you how much we believe in our products.

Give us a try…you have nothing to lose!

Instrument Suggestions:

Vitale violin – Our best beginner instrument (also available in viola/cello)

Tia Bruna violin – Our best intermediate instrument (also available in cello)

Damiano violin – Our best premium violin (also available in viola/cello and 5-string)

Topa violin – Our top master level violin – call for information – (800) 723-5043


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