How to Help Your Child Learn ViolinAfter reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to help your child learn violin.

I’ve seen parents build a lifelong bond with their children through private lessons. If prepared, they can play a huge role in their child’s progress.

Get Involved with Private Lessons

I have a student named Danny that came in for his first lesson about 4 years ago. His Mom (Jeanine Heemstra) not only comes to lessons, but always pays attention to everything going on. She has never actually tried playing the violin, although we joke at recitals that she could easily play since she has listened and asked so many questions!

She is the type of Mom who wants to know exactly what Danny should be doing that week, and as a result, she knows when Danny is getting off track at home.

Danny is a good kid, and a huge chunk of his success with violin has been because of Jeanine’s attention to detail in his private classes. They are a great Mom & Son team!

Don’t Be Passive

I once had a parent call me who was interested in lessons for her 12 year old daughter. The student came for the first lesson, and I could barely get her to pay attention.

I looked back at the Mom to see that she was on her phone the whole time, and wasn’t interested in how the lesson was going. When I tried to explain to her a few practice recommendations for the week, she seemed to not really care if or how she was going to help her daughter.

As you can imagine, this led to bad habits right off the bat with the student. As the teacher, I only get to help once a week!

Establish Clear Expectations

My best advice for parents is to establish a clear understanding with your child that private lessons are expensive, and they need to be taken seriously. This means they not only practice at home, but be doing exactly what the teacher recommends.

And to be able to do that, you need to know what is going on!

Here are some specific examples of how to help your child learn violin and progress with private lessons.
1. My child is supposed to focus on a certain technique this week.
2. My child needs to play less of this song, as it’s not going to help them much.
3. My child needs to write down their practice time.

Keep the Bond with your Child in Mind

What I have found is that parents who get involved with their child’s progress on violin develop bonds that would never have been achieved otherwise. There is something about music that brings people together; parent to child teamwork is a perfect example.

Here are some videos showing you the student/parent relationships I have helped develop through the years. They were so kind to put these testimonials together for me!
Danny and Jeanine Heemstra – 4 Years of Lessons
The St. Louis Family – 5 Years of Lessons

Also, here is a video of me playing with some of my students. Their parents were so proud!

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If you have any questions about how to help your child learn violin, or if want to learn how to get started, you can contact us by live chat or phone (616) 299-9196. We have a rental program and provide affordable private lessons (first lesson free).

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